Equipment Available


Equipment Available to pick up your scrap

Our Trucks

Rolloff Truck
lugger truck
Lugger Truck

Stake Truck for any sort of bin

Roll Offs

30 yarder

Roll offs available in several sizes.  30 yard shown above.


Also available with a cover!

Rolloff Sizes Available

80 Cubic Yards: 44’x7’6”x8’

40 Cubic Yards: 22’x7’6”x8’

30 Cubic Yards: 22’x7’6”x6’

20 Cubic Yards: 22’x7’6”x4’



Luggers Available in Several Sizes

Small: 11’x5’x4’6”

Medium: 15’x5’x5’

Large: 16’x5’x7’

Industrial Bins

B Bin
Stackable “B Bins”
Size: 61″x30″x33″
S Bin
Stackable “S Bins”
Size: 36″x39″x33″
Wagon Bins
Size: 50″x27″x27″
self dumping hopper
Self Dumping Hoppers
Variety of Sizes Available
gaylord box
Gaylord Box and Skid
Size: 40″x48″x45″
55 gallon drum
55 Gallon Drums

All Types of Tractors and Trailers

tin scow
Tin Scow
steel dump
Steel Dump
aluminum dump
Aluminum Dump

To set up industrial service call John Schanzlin at our Niagara Falls yard. 716-282-6200