Industrialization in Reverse

Metal Materializing

Industrialization fueled the change of the century before and now recycling will fuel the next. Preserving the rare earth metals that were drawn from the earth for years. Taking the innovations of yesterday and turning them into the futures of tomorrow. From skyscrapers to dishwashers, the future of metal is being re-found through Buffalo’s longest-running recycling program.

The average American waste is piling to the skies in landfills and scrap yards around the country. A new destination is in mind, with money to fill the pockets of those willing to go the extra mile to preserve their treasures internal components, material metals, and schedule large progression for the future.

Recycling Recurve

What starts as a pile of rubble, or a used appliance by the curb, becomes a finite structure of restoration in the minds of one recycling program. Niagara Metals is the haven of recycling in Western New York. Serving the community for years with options that span the development of construction, demolition, and retail communities.

Precious metals are being collected for redistribution and returned in monetary means through weight with accessible and efficient solutions. Structured business solutions in Industrial, Contractors, and Transloading for moving large amounts of scrap away from sites in efficient means.

“In the ensuing decades, as Buffalo became an industrial powerhouse, the Levin family’s business grew rapidly. Much of their trade operated entirely within the city’s industrial sector. The family would buy scrap from various factories and then sort it, process it and resell it to the city’s many foundries.”

The New York Times

Harnessing Hearth

Filling the piles of industrial warehouses and scrapyards are refound metals, processed, and melted to develop new utility in the world, returned to circulation. Ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and steel fetch the largest return as the infrastructure of our country is upgraded and shifted.

Combining the efforts of trucks and trains, the process of Niagara Metals is revolutionizing the recycling industry from the ground up. Shifting the process from a retail endeavor to an operational standard in the construction process, a new development in the experience of recycling.

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