The History of Niagara Metals in Buffalo NY

Our Past

It all started in the 1890s, when Abraham Levin (1868 – 1928) founded the Louis Levin Company, a scrap recycling business in the Buffalo area. His son, Louis (1899 – 1989), transformed the company from a horse and wagon operation to a modern scrap processing facility supplying the many mills and foundries in Western New York. Lou’s reputation of being tough but honest earned him respect throughout the industry and the community, and created the mold for success that still exists today. Amazingly he worked till the age of 91.

Fast-forward more than 100 years to 1998. That’s when Abraham’s grandson Bob (1928 – 2002) and great-grandson Todd sold the business to a publicly traded recycling industry operator. Todd continued to work for the company as a manager for a number of years until 2006, when he formed Niagara Metals.

Our Present

Today, Niagara Metals is a full-service scrap metal and transloading facility headquartered in Niagara Falls, NY. We are headquartered on a 55-acre, 100% concrete site that was formerly home to the Carbide Graphite plant. Our facility is complete with rail siding for 20 cars, two truck scales, a dedicated indoor car processing building, a new non-ferrous building, and the most efficient material handling equipment available today.

Our Future

In the near future,  we plan on adding to our existing network of feeder yards. This will allow us to increase our volume and support our substantial infrastructure. We also plan to increase our rail siding capacity to ensure that we remain a high-volume, low-cost processor and transloader of scrap metal.

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