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Niagara Metals has WNY’s newest fleet of trucks and best selection of industrial containers to service your business

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Servicing greater Buffalo, all of WNY & Southern Ontario for 4 generations


Our fleet of containers & steel trailers are built to serve you wherever your business is

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Contact our dedicated buying team to discuss the scrap metal your business generates and see the service, prices, and reporting Niagara Metals can provide you
Questions about Scrap Metal prices or the types of metal Niagara Metals accepts?

Bulk Scrap Metal Prices

We have offer bulk Scrap Metal pricing for large quantities of scrap metal. Niagara Metals is the ideal stop for your once a year clean-up project. Call our pricing extension to receive competitive bulk pricing on copper piping, red and yellow brass, copper insulated wire, aluminum car rims, all grades of stainless steel and alloys, lead acid auto batteries, and more!

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