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Niagara Metals has Scrap Metal Prices that are Hard to Beat!

Check the latest scrap metal prices below for many of the common metals including steel, copper and brass. Please call (716) 282-6200 for NonFerrous pricing over 250 lbs!

All Grades of Steel Pricing

  • Sheet Iron/Shearing: $100.00/GT
  • Auto Cast/ Rotors: $180.00/GT
  • Short Steel/Heavy Melt: $155.00/GT
  • Call for all other grades

Copper Prices per Pound

  • Bare Brite Copper: $2.15-2.25/LB(over 250 lbs)
  • #1 Copper: $2.05- $2.15/LB (over 250 lbs)
  • #2 Copper: $1.95– $2.05/ LB (over 250 lbs)
  • Insulated Copper Wire: $0.50-$1.13 (based on % of Copper, bring in for grading)
  • Call for all other grades

Yellow Brass Prices per Pound

  • Yellow Brass: $1.27/LB
  • Call for all other grades

Aluminum per Pound

  • Sheet Aluminum: $0.24/LB
  • MLC: $0.25/LB
  • Call for all other grades

Stainless Steel & High Temp Alloys

  • 304: $0.25/LB
  • Call for all other grades

Daily Scrap Metal Prices subject to change

GT = 2,240lb

Questions about Scrap Metal prices or the types of metal Niagara Metals accepts?
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