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  • 20 yd box

    Price $0.00

    A 20-yard dumpster, with 20 cubic yards of space, is a versatile choice for scrap metal disposal. Ideal for smaller projects, it balances capacity and convenience while accommodating various metal items efficiently.

    30 yd box

    Price $0.00

    A 30-yard dumpster, offering 30 cubic yards of space, is the go-to choice for scrap metal. Its balanced size suits various items, optimizing collection efficiency while minimizing frequent emptying needs.

    40 yd box

    Price $0.00

    A 40-yard dumpster, with around 40 cubic yards of space, efficiently collects and transports significant amounts of scrap metal. Its size minimizes emptying frequency, streamlining scrap metal management.

    B Bins

    Price $0.00

    B Bins, sized L-61”, W-39”, H-33”, excel for scrap metal. Ample length suits larger items, while moderate height eases loading. Their sturdy build ensures secure transportation and efficient storage through stacking.


    Price $0.00

    A lugger box is a specialized container used in waste management and scrap metal industries. Its hinged rear short sides enable efficient unloading, making it ideal for heavy materials.

    S Bins

    Price $0.00

    S Bins, sized at L-36”, W-39”, H-33”, excel in scrap metal handling. Their compactness suits tight spaces, low height aids heavy loading, while robust build ensures secure transportation and storage.


    Price $0.00

    Wagons, sized L-50”, W-27”, H-27”, are efficient for scrap metal tasks. Inner dimensions offer compact storage and mobility, making them practical for smaller metal items in confined spaces and transportation scenarios.